Our quest for a high-quality carbon asset

Currently onboarding premium nature-based and energy-efficiency projects.

The missing link to make blockchain carbon credits work for the planet is a falling "baseline". Only rising prices and rarity of credits will create incentives needed for innovation and new tech. If supply is plentiful and prices keep falling, necessary cuts and sequestration cannot happen. Regenerative finance needs to create a decentralized, self-governing body with hardcoded rules, a self-policing system of governance.

To succeed in limiting global warming, the collective intelligence of legacy energy merchants and traders, engineers, blockchain developers and green activists is needed. We are creating the platform for them to come together and develop collaboratively.


Less than a decade left to grow a regenerative economy.

There is limited time to act, as gradual global warming will accelerate uncontrollably beyond a tipping point. It is time to leave behind small-scale thinking and individual convenience, and place our survival as a species at the centre of economic value creation and exchange.


There is no Planet B.

Unique ecological habitats and financial jurisdictions, one global carbon economy.

As fascinating as the different types of carbon sinks it represents, our different members have their own needs and capabilities. There is no one-size-fits-all for the problem of emissions mitigation, and we need to design market discovery and exchange mechanisms that work for everyone.


Elements of Carbon Tokenization

BlockCarbon will build modules to complete the journey from single project NFT to global token marketplace.

Digital ID

The equivalent of users in web2 or KYC in TradFi - projects, companies and operators need to be identifiable by digital means.

Single Mint Token (NFT)

Any real world asset with metadata can be represented on the blockchain through minting a unique token tied to a single UTxO.

Price Discovery

The basic building block of a market, projects can be valued based on their location, vintage and other factors like measures of leakage or biodiversity.


On-chain means to describe, assess, request, reissue, or burn NFTs.


Similar to a patent-search, the global additionality and integrity needs to be subject to establishing its novelty.


Securing carbon credits from ever being forged, double counted, or even released into the atmosphere. Establishing fungible value in DeFi.

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